Development of innovative structures

Schaffhausen Pro: Who We Are and How We Change the World for the Better

Schaffhausen Pro is a team of engineers, technologists, and inventors who strive to create new and improve existing products. Thanks to our innovative approaches to developing mechanisms for various household and industrial appliances, we ensure a better future for the next generations.

When working on any project, we always strive to make it as ergonomic and environmentally friendly as possible. We have offices in Singapore, Seoul, and Hong Kong, where we employ professionals. Our technopark combines cutting-edge solutions and innovations designed to preserve the environment for future generations.

The world progresses every day – new structures and new forms appear, so we change our approach to product design and functionality. We work to transform familiar technologies and use them to create practical, economic, and reliable technology.

How are alternative energy sources changing the world for the better?

Green energy is an actively developing sphere that sets innovative trends for the development of new ways to obtain energy. The use of solar and wind panels has a positive effect on global electricity consumption and helps to conserve valuable fossil fuels.

The development of new technologies and structures is the way to save energy. Our sustainable production allows us to spend a minimum of resources and produce maximum efficiency. This principle is reflected in the new product forms and designs. A visual design with laconic and dynamic features conceals powerful, innovative solutions.

The principles of our work

We design and create our products using metal, plastic, glass, and recycled materials. Recycling provides room for the production of new structures and forms. In this way, we significantly reduce costs and minimize the negative impact on the ecology. We also take an ergonomic approach to engineering industrial and household appliances, allowing us to use less electricity.

In cooperation with major manufacturers, Schaffhausen Pro strives to conserve valuable resources, preserve the world, and establish environmental harmony.