Intelligent Production Orchestration

Modern companies are searching for convenient ways to optimize work. Automation becomes one of the effective solutions. By now, over 75% of businesses use automation. However, the more complicated the automated processes become, the more accurate control they require. As a result, the orchestration of processes, people, systems, and bots is necessary to facilitate them.

What’s orchestration?

Orchestration is a complex term that refers to the coordination or planning of various elements to reach a definite effect. According to the forecasts, the orchestration process will grow by over 18% globally between 2022 and 2031.

The process of orchestration presupposes:

  • Coordination of several independent processes
  • Management
  • A merger of those processes into a more complex system.

Orchestration concerns workflows, tasks, and activities. As a result, the complex system becomes more understandable. The key advantages of orchestration include:

  • Greater visibility
  • Higher KPIs
  • Optimized quality
  • Faster automation
  • Faster integration of new technologies and processes
  • Efficient use of IT resources
  • Higher productivity and satisfaction of staff.

The use of orchestration

While it is a comparatively new term for modern companies, many of them have already started taking benefit from it. Consider a few examples of the effective use of orchestration:

  • Logistics. Companies can effectively integrate and optimize their business processes to increase productivity and transparency. One of the large companies Deutsche Post DHL managed to make about 24 processes automated and orchestrated to build a well-managed system. As a result, they can automatically manage purchases, suppliers, and customers. It led not just to higher efficiency but also to impressive money savings.
  • Support services. It’s an important issue for the majority of companies working with clients. Thanks to orchestration, it’s possible to make IT services more socialized and link them to other corporate apps with the help of intellectual processing.
  • Consumer goods production. With orchestration, it’s possible to increase transparency, effectiveness, and quality of management. By integrating several processes, it becomes easier to follow the production process from start to finish. As a result, not just the number of mistakes becomes lower but also the speed of various processes gets faster (including delivery, production, and management).
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